Program - Leisure - Altmuehl Valley - Germany
Fascinating underground world

Schulerloch karst cave

On the northern slopes of the valley, about 3 km far from the town of Kelheim, towards Essing, two towers can be seen. The higher one stands at the entrance of a truly fascinating underground world. It is the "Schulerloch" karst cave, rich in stalactites and stalagmites, which was once inhabited by Neanderthals and sheltered animals during the Ice Age.

The significant finding discovered in the cave date back to those ancient times and display in the exhibitions staged in the immediate vicinity of the Schulerloch. The cave is flat and therefore easily passable. Its path is entirely covered with sand and provided with electric lighting. According to the most recent measurements, the cave is 420 m long, its largest chamber has a surface of 793 m², humidity is around 80% and there is a constant temperature of 9 °C. The cave stands out above all for its extraordinary water basin consisting of a "cup-shaped stalagmite" that is definitely one of a kind.

Up to now, no similar structure so separated from the surrounding environment has been discovered in the other underground cave complexes in the world.