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Some of the Best Farmers' Markets in Rome

A fresh, nourishing meal is a central tenant of the Italian lifestyle and Italians are fastidious about the ingredients they consume and use in their recipes.

Since the Testaccio Market moved to its new location on one of the main thoroughfares in the neighborhood, it has become one of the most successful markets in the city. The Testaccio Market is a local gathering space, unique shopping and eating experience and haven for foodies. Just around the corner from the Testaccio Market lies the old Testaccio slaughterhouse. Today the industrial space houses a branch of the MACRO contemporary art museum, organizes events such as concerts and installations, and hosts an organic market on Sundays.

The Piazza San Cosimato market is a bustling, open-air market filled with locals – and some tourists – who are looking to stock up on seasonal ingredients, cheeses, meats, and other goods. The market has been around since the early 1900s and continues to be a focal point of the neighborhood, not least because it surrounds a playground where children can play while their parents shop. The famous covered market close to Termini Station is one of the best places to buy hard-to-find ingredients to use in international cooking, though the market is one of Rome’s largest so you’ll find some of everything within. Piazza Vittorio itself is one of the most multi-ethnic districts in the city so it is fitting that the market stocks foods for the local community and it makes for a truly international shopping experience.

The farmers’ market in Rome’s central Campo de’ Fiori square cannot be divorced from the piazza it finds itself in: the market is one of the main draws of Campo de’ Fiori and it dominates the space from morning to early afternoon, selling everything from cheeses, olive oils and meats to fruits and vegetables, souvenir trinkets and take-away foods.