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Transport in Athens: How To Get Around the Greek Capital

While the phrase “It’s all Greek to me” does sometimes ring true, due to misunderstandings arising from language barriers, using public transport in Athens doesn’t have to be a trial.

Buying an ATH.ENA Card or Ticket from any metro station, and you’ll be able to move easily around the entire public transport system (with the exception of the Suburban Railway), including the metro, buses, trolleys, and tramlines. The most reliable means of transport in Athens is undoubtedly the metro. The city’s metro system includes three lines, covering many key sights, including the Acropolis and its eponymous museum.

As for the areas not yet serviced by a metro line, buses are the next best thing. You may find a map of the bus route at several bus stops (sometimes only in Greek), but that’s not always the case. OASA Telematics app that lets you know when the next bus is due, so you can plan accordingly your trip. Some bus stops are also equipped with a digital board showing you the bus’s expected time of arrival. The tram system’s three lines connect the city center to the southern, seaside areas, making it convenient to enjoy a seaside cup of coffee on the Athenian Riviera or head to the beach for a swim during the summer. Yellow taxis are practically everywhere, with many of them parked outside metro stations, especially the more central ones, like Syntagma Square and most of them accept only cash.

Athens is not yet the most bike-friendly city, but some efforts are being made to make cycling a more attractive option. The existing bike lanes only cover small parts of the city, so you will usually spot cyclists alongside cars on the main part of the road. Last but not least, Lime e-scooters can be found throughout the city. It is an interesting, relatively eco-friendly transport option to consider.