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La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is an absolutely breathtaking church located in Barcelona, Spain. The architect behind this gem, which is still not completed, is none other than Antoni Gaudí.

Construction for the Sagrada Familia project began in 1882. When Gaudí died in 1926, only a quarter of the basilica was completed. This year, 2020, it’s believed to have entered its final stage of construction, with 2026 as its estimated completion date. During the early days of La Sagrada Familia’s construction, Gaudí built a school on the site called the Sagrada Familia Schools building, for the children of construction workers. La Sagrada Familia was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. It received the designation mostly because of its unique architecture and Gaudí’s ability to create something so innovative and artistic.

When construction first began on La Sagrada Familia, it was understood to be a simple Roman Catholic church. Later on, it was designated as a cathedral, and then in 2010, Pope Benedict XVI declared it a basilica. Right now are only 8 towers from the planned 18 - 12 will represent the apostles, 4 - the evangelists, one for Virgin Mary and the highest one for Jesus Christ.

Located in the underground level of the building, visitors can see the tomb of Antoni Gaudí, who was buried here after his death. Although most cathedrals or religious establishments have straight structures, Gaudí felt that things should be built to resemble nature. Its design considers three facades - Nativity Facade, completed by Gaudí himself and Passion and Glory Facade, built later. With every visit, visitors are making a contribution to help support this project. Make sure to take part in the construction of this masterpiece.