Program - Sightseeing - Valetta - Malta
Malta Uncovered

With more than 7000 years of history, Malta has many interesting things to offer, and great stories to tell.

Malta's architecture is an enchanting mix of many styles and influences from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe or even South America. With many parts restored, one of the iconic monuments for sure is the St. John's Cathedral, the place of communal worship for the Knights, hiding its interior beauty under a plain exterior facade. Other highlights of the Knights of Malta trail include the scenic Upper Barakka Gardens, from where you can drink in a breath-taking view of the complex web of fortifications around the city plus an astounding view of the harbor and Fort St Angelo.

Malta captures with its natural beauty as well. Maltese Archipelago is filled with everything from rolling fields to white cliffs to desert landscapes and endless vineyards. Admiring the scenic coastlines, the marvelous lagoons, hidden sandy beaches, and the clear blue water, you realize that the beauty goes in every direction, and the Island is for sure one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is not a wonder that such natural beauty in the Mediterranean offers great conditions for producing excellent fresh ingredients for tasty food and dishes.

The real charm lies in the ravishing mix of the retro, antique and modern. It is like Maltese cities have preserved everything from the prehistoric settlements, temples, and sanctuaries to a modern-day metropolis, offering a unique adventure of discovering the uncovered. Like there is a quest behind every corner, every narrow street, on each step of your way, along with an exciting story waiting to be discovered.