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Swedish Jazz Culture & Stockholm Jazz Festival

Stockholm Jazz Festival is an annual music festival that was established in 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden, originally called the Stockholm Jazz and Blues Festival.

The distinguishing mark of the festival, for sure is the backdrop of the Stockholm harbor, the famous venue on Skeppsholmen, also known as the heart of the festival. It is important to mention that Sweden was one of the first European countries to embrace jazz, who with a reflection of American jazz, developed their own distinctive sounds. Thore Jederby with the Swing Swingers and The Paramount Orchestra were one of the first Swedish influential musicians, back in the 1930s.

Following World War II, Sweden was a favorite stop for the American jazz musicians in their international tours. Since the gramophone records were quite expensive at the time, many live performances were held at the small clubs. By 1948 a national jazz federation was formed, with the aim of promoting and spreading knowledge about jazz.

Today, the annual Stockholm Jazz Festival, besides the many clubs, is considered to be the greatest festival that keeps the jazz tradition alive. It attracts the best musicians from all over the world playing in various compositions and styles.