Program - Sightseeing - Budapest - Hungary
A Piece of Paradise in the Middle of the Urban Jungle

In every urban city, besides the vibrant busy centers, there are many quiet, peaceful places for relaxation and city escape, like hidden gems.

Not far from the center in Budapest, there is a beautiful garden, dating from the late 19th century, with a splendid relaxing atmosphere. It is a really calming and quiet piece of paradise, locally known from the famous book called the Paul Street Boys as it was the main setting of the story. Unlike most parks in the city, where it can be a challenge to find a private spot, here, you enjoy some real quiet time.

The Botanical Garden is mostly used as a teaching site for several universities in Budapest, where the students have an opportunity individually to examine the various plants and learn their Latin names. Besides the beautiful palm house and the so-called Victoria House, famous for the Amazonian water-lily, the Garden is home for more than 8000 types of plants and over 150-year of trees. What makes it magical, is the fact that the sceneries are changing on every step with different greenery and various plants around you.

Visiting this garden is a truly incredible experience. You can sit down on a bench and observe the environment around you, resting from the urban city jungle, or you can walk down the mini bamboo forest and the small pond, feeling like part of a fairytale. However, this garden is a must-see spot in Budapest, several times throughout the year because the colors and the smells are different each season.