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The Unique Designs of Madrid's Drinking Fountains

Passing by many fountains in the city of Madrid, many people maybe won't even notice them, but they have so many stories to tell.

The Cruz Verde fountain was once said to have the best water in the whole city and was one of Madrid’s major water-collection points. Today, this fountain does little more than providing running water for the nearby terrace, with a beautiful statue on the top, taken from another fountain, which is now demolished. La Fuentecilla on Calle Toledo, once also a grand fountain in action, today is also just another monument in the city of Madrid.

Today, there are currently around 1,600 drinking fountains in Madrid. Not all of them are working, but they do have unique designs, and probably an untold story behind itself. Wandering through the streets of Madrid, many of those fountains can be easily spotted, but many are just hidden in plain sight.

One of the grandest working fountains is situated next to a lake in Retiro Park, and one from the older ones - on the Plaza Nelson Mandela, witnessing times from the Second Republic. One of the most beautiful fountains, which spurts from the lion’s mouth, is situated in Calle Ribera de Curtidores, but unfortunately is not working at the moment. Anyway, whenever you feel thirsty, just carefully look around each corner of the streets of Madrid. Don't be surprised to see a lot of different stone figured fountains, with different shapes and designs, older and newer ones. For sure will get you refreshed.