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The Power and the Glory of the St. Paul's Cathedral

One of the most famous London's monuments, featured in few TV programmes, from Doctor Who to V for Vendetta. Get to know some of its mysteries.

Its origin goes back to 1669 when Sir Christopher Wren was officially commissioned to design and build St Paul’s Cathedral after rebuilding many churches lost in the Great Fire. It was consecrated in 1697 but officially opened in 1711. The two largest bells in St Paul’s are named Great Tom and Great Paul. Great Paul has not rung in several years due to a broken chiming mechanism. Great Tom is sounded for the death of a member of the royal family, the Bishop of London, or the Lord Mayor of London. Until 1962, the St Paul’s Cathedral was the tallest in London.

Besides the beautiful architecture, it attracts many people because of the interesting and kind of mysterious features it has inside. One of them is the Whispering Gallery. St. Paul's Cathedral has the largest crypt in Western Europe. Most of the space is dedicated to support and hold up the cathedral, but the largest monument is in the crypt is for the Duke of Wellington.

The most famous American pastor to preach in St Paul’s, was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He spent three days in London, in 1964, meeting with peace movement leaders. Also, in the cathedral was held the wedding of the century, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981. Today, the cathedral is open for tourist visits Monday to Saturday, while on Sundays is worship time and the sightseeing is not permitted.