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The key of the Kingdom of Galicia

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The key of the Kingdom of Galicia
Sobroso Castle

Sobroso Castle is a medieval castle in the village of Vilasobroso in Galicia. It sits on Landín Hill, overlooking the Condado valley, right up to the Portuguese border. Due to its strategic position, the castle was known as "the key of the Kingdom of Galicia". The name of the Castle, and the village itself, comes from the Latin SUBEROSUM, in reference to the 'sobreiras', Quercus suber or cork trees that once surrounded it.
Sobroso Castle was built in order to control an essential crossroad between the southern Galicia inlands, the sea and Tui city Read more...

Cathedral of the Galician Megalithic art

Spain - Galicia - Arts
Cathedral of the Galician Megalithic art
Dolmen in Dombate

O Camiño dos Faros reaches one of the most important monuments of the megalithic art in Galicia. The Dolmen in Dombate. This Dolmen has been the object of different excavations and studies.
Dates back to the year 3000 and 2500 b.c. and both its beauty and good condition has made it be considered Read more...

Traditional dance of the two Balearic islands

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Traditional dance of the two Balearic islands
Ball Pagès

Ball Pagès is the name of the traditional dance of the two Balearic islands. The origin of this dance is uncertain. However, it is definitely linked to the agricultural past of the islands, when the life of people followed the rhythms of nature. Not for nothing, Ball Pagès means Peasant’s Dance. There is not a single type of Ball Pages. Each village of Ibiza and Formentera has its own version, with its own steps, its own music and its own costumes. Despite this, there are some common elements.
Ball Pagès always involves a man and a woman, usually more than one couple. The man jumps on the spot while Read more...

Where Culture Meets History

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Where Culture Meets History
Pueblo Español Mallorca

Pueblo Español Mallorca offers an immersive cultural experience where you can explore the vibrant traditions, rich history, and breathtaking beauty of Spain.
The primary objective was to provide residents and visitors of Mallorca with an immersive experience of Spain’s rich architectural heritage within Read more...

Formentera’s best-kept secret

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Formentera’s best-kept secret
Peix sec

A traditionally-prepared fish, dried by the sun and the gentle Mediterranean breeze, peix sec is one of the most sought-after delicacies of the smaller Pityusic island. In Formentera, there exists an ancient culinary tradition which has survived to the present day among its native inhabitants—and which forms part of the island’s culture. This is peix sec (dried fish), a product whose popularity soared at the start of the island’s tourist boom when its inhabitants began sharing this culinary delight with visitors.
Peix sec comes from cartilaginous fish (such as the ray, the school shark and the dogfish), caught in the traditional way Read more...

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